The End

At the beginning of the school year, on August 20th, I set a few goals for myself. “From this class I hope to gain a deeper understanding of what makes writing great, and how to make my writing something that people want to read” By reading Othello, The Scarlet Letter, The Great Gatsby, Amusing ourselves… Continue reading The End

The Muse

I would like to thank the only time I slept deeply, did homework thoroughly, and laughed genuinely — the weekend, for my success. While sleep on weekdays was filled with nightmares about the next day, and anxiety about homework I forgot to do, sleep on  the weekends was a gorgeous gift filled with peace and… Continue reading The Muse


Abortions should be legalized everywhere. That’s what I believe, but I do acknowledge valid points made by pro-lifers. Life starts at conception Life starts at a heartbeat, which is 2 or 3 months into the pregnancy. No, women should not be aloud to get abortions once there is a heartbeat, and brain waves, and movement,… Continue reading Pro


        When entertainment is intertwined with politics, democracies have the potential to crash and burn. Presidents and other political leaders are elected more and more because of their status and fame, not because of their ability to lead a country, or there political knowledge. Worse than that, people are tuning into E!News,… Continue reading E!News

The point of school is… well, no one has ever taught me that (ironic, right?). Since there does not seem to be one main point, I’ll tell you what I’ve learned so far, in my 11 years of schooling. How to abbreviate (teachers change slides so dang quick) How to multitask (I need to here… Continue reading